Why Use Genuine Stone?
As the premier construction material, Genuine Stone is held in high regard because it reflects unique character, stability, and grandeur-qualities each lover of stone embodies. Its variations in color, pattern, and texture are impossible to replicate, making Genuine Stone more visually interesting, and because it comes from the earth, its ecofriendly composition makes choosing Genuine Stone the natural choice.
Genuine Stone comes in such a broad range of colors, patterns, finishes and textures. Think back to when you were a child and found different colored stones that you wanted to take home because of how beautifully unique they were. The diversity of Genuine Stone you can get, and what you can do with it aesthetically is about as varied as your imagination. No matter what your vision, Genuine Stone will paint it into reality.
Create designer kitchen cabinets to match the look you desire and beautify your counter or vanity tops with Granite, Marble, Travertine or Quartz. We sell full kitchens and bathroom vanities. However, there are a number of Cabinet making companies and or local Joiners we can recommend if required.
"Set it in Stone"
What’s more earth friendly than the earth itself? Genuine Stone is non-toxic and lasts a lifetime. No chemicals go into its quarrying or fabricating. It is pure, and therefore void of any foreign substance that might be harmful to the earth or to your health. Using Genuine Stone for your projects shows that you care about the environment and consciously strive to protect it.
Nothing can emulate nature’s creativity. Because Genuine Stone is quarried from the earth and not man made, it is improbable to ever find exactly matching tiles or slabs. One slab may even look different from end to end. Many things affect the ultimate graining and coloration of Genuine Stone including underground springs, mineral deposits, earth shifts, temperature, natural solutions in the earth, and pressure these elements receive over time. There is no way to duplicate these naturally occurring factors in a laboratory.
You wouldn’t design a project to be a weak imitation of existing structures. Likewise, you want your works to stand out, to reflect your passion, your taste, and your personality. Genuine Stone is a one-of-a-kind building material that sets you apart from others because it can’t be mimicked, manufactured, or faked. It is for those with imagination that never expires.
Making your individual mark on the world is now much more affordable than it used to be because stone quarrying and processing technology has improved. New automated machinery allows fabricators to cut Genuine Stone thinner, at less cost, and more consistently than in times past. It is also more affordable because transportation is cheaper, and the development of new anchorage systems makes installation easier, quicker, and more secure. Genuine Stone now costs as little as man-made faux stone, but is more valuable because of its authenticity. If you don’t believe in settling for less, you can now afford to be genuine in all of your projects, and frankly, how can you afford not to?

Genuine Stone ages beautifully. Fears you may have about accidentally ruining it are really unnecessary. Certainly, performing proper care and maintenance is prudent, but unlike almost every other building material, stone does not decay. Rather, its natural beauty only enhances through years of use.
The more it is used, the faster a "patina," or light sheen on the surface, develops. The "patina" also helps prevent staining. If your stone somehow happens to stain, it can be repaired in almost every case. However, just like birthmarks, wrinkles or freckles highlight a person’s genuine qualities, when stone is stained, cracked or pitted, those marks add character, and it becomes an even more unique reflection of life.

Information originally from Genuine Stone, Sept 27th 2009